Humidity Monitoring

TempGenius instruments monitor Room Humidity, Incubators, Electronics Manufacturing Areas, Warehouse Humidity, Storage Humidity, and more. Our standard medical grade wireless Humidity monitor sensors are accurate to +/- 2%RH. This device incorporates ambient temperature monitoring, so you can accomplish two goals with one wireless temperature and humidity monitoring sensor.

TempGenius has optional humidity sensors for faster response time as required in shock cambers and other hardware in rapidly changing humidity environments. Please provide us a requirement and we can build a data logging and alerting solution.

We have 17025 Certification, and NIST certification available with various services including annual calibration. We have a variety of ways to recalibrate including:

Sensor Replacement – User can simply snap in new sensor for calibration.
Self-Calibration – Our software and Customer Support make this an easy process.
Site Calibration – We provide door to door rush service calibration (sorry humidity needs chamber calibration).
Hybrid approach – Combination of the above sometimes works best.

We have WIRED options and radio technology for every application including WIFI 2.4GHz and High Power 900MHz transmitters. Our wired options can be used in conjunction with our other Wireless Monitoring Sensors including negative pressure, light, motion and more.

Specification Sheet for our Wireless Humidity Sensor Options

Specification Sheet for our Wireless Temperature Sensor Options

Can I monitor a large warehouse space?

Yes. Our wireless temperature and humidity monitoring systems can cover any sized warehouse or manufacturing floor. TempGenius offers 4 radio types that offer different signal performance, price points, and battery usage.

How many sensors will I need?

Based on the industry, TempGenius has standards for the monitor’s amount of coverage area. HVAC configuration, evaporator placement, ceiling height, building type, and outdoor conditions affect the coverage area.

How much does it cost?

A small installation with less than five sensors costs approximately $2,000. While a larger one of about 20 sensors will cost about $5,000. The cost depends on the number of sensors and repeaters required as well as the level of warranty coverage desired. Other options include installation, service, and remote access. Outline your requirements and provide us schematics of your building (drawings or CAD files) so we can give you a precise cost estimate.

What is the TempGenius ROI?

With the purchase of our wireless temperature and humidity monitors, a fully customized Return on Investment analysis is available. In general, ROI data indicates that the average payback through labor savings, consistency of data, regulatory compliance, energy savings, and loss prevention is 12 months or less depending upon the location. Logging temperature and climate data are very costly, time-intensive, and people make mistakes, so you may not be alerted when problems arise. TempGenius eliminates the labor cost better utilized in productivity and revenue-generating activities, improves accuracy and compliance with internal and regulatory requirements or audits. It also helps to identify inefficient equipment that uses more energy than necessary and helps prevent the very costly loss of temperature compromised products.

How can you help me pay for the system?

TempGenius is easy to install and grow into. Starting with a basic wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system is affordable. Add sensors over time as well as choose from offer lease and rental options.

Does TempGenius meet standards requirements?

TempGenius satisfies applicable HACCP, ISO, GMP, FDA, Joint Commission, and FCC documentation and/or approval requirements. Regular logging is automated and every alert and corrective action is identified by date, time, equipment, location, and user name for accountability and validation. In addition, ISO, NIST, and other standards calibration options are available.

Is TempGenius easy to install?

Yes. Install the system yourself, or we can handle the implementation for you. Smaller systems are relatively simple to install, while larger systems require a bit more experience. Optional installation includes server set-up, positioning repeaters where required, optimal sensor placement, setting alerting thresholds, testing, and training.

Will TempGenius interfere with existing wireless systems?

No. TempGenius uses multiple frequency architectures to make nearly any application interference-free. Existing wireless networks, wireless telecom systems, and other systems remain autonomous and secure using encrypted transmissions. Available platforms include WiFi 802.11, 418 MHz, 900 MHz, 923 MHz and more.

Do I need a special or separate computer?

No. The program for our wireless temperature and humidity monitoring systems can be installed on any PC that you are now using for your other application. You can also allow multiple users on your network to access the program from their computers as well. Secure remote access is available for enterprise-level users with multiple locations if needed.

Is TempGenius available under GSA Contract?

Yes. TempGenius is available under GSA Contract. Call 800-810-4000 to learn more.

For more specifics on your Humidity Monitoring project, please contact us.