TempGenius Dashboard Summer 2018 Update

New features have been added to the TempGenius Dashboard as we continue to evolve with the goal of meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements our customers are subject to.

Most recently, we have added a Range Column to the dashboard.  The Range Column allows users to see the high and low span temperatures.  The Range Column is located between the Equipment and Readings Column.  Users can compare the readings to the high and low span at a glance and CAP, TJC, and CLIA regulators like to see ranges on the wireless real-time reports.

With this information, users can adjust the temperature celebrexhome spans in the Sensor Setup Tab in Setup.  This option can be enabled and disabled.

We have also added a Daily System Check function.  This option this gives users the ability to annotate that they have viewed the dashboard.  Once the Daily System Check button has been pressed and message with indicated that the check has been annotated and available to be checked on a report in the Daily System Check Tab in Reports.

Currently, under development, TempGenius is adding tiered temperature alerting to add additional alert escalation capabilities.  This feature is expected to release in November 2018.