TempGenius Newsletter

Staying Frozen but Vitrified

Written on 2018-11-14
What do you do when you want to put something into long-term frozen storage?Read More

Ways to Resolve Warehouse WIFI Issues

Written on 2018-10-05
We have all had issues with WIFI at some point in our use of technology.Read More

Thermosensor Calibration

Written on 2018-09-12
They say a broken clock will tell the correct time twice a day. A thermometer will only measure the correct...Read More

TempGenius Dashboard Update

Written on 2018-08-06
New features have been added to the TempGenius Dashboard as we continue to evolve with the goal...Read More

Keeping it Warm with CO2 Incubators

Written on 2018-07-13
Vitro is an experiment that replicates the process of living organisms. Tissue cultures are grown in a laboratory...Read More

Accuracy of Pressure

Written on 2018-06-18
General George S. Patton once said that “Pressure makes diamonds.”Read More

Cryogenic Storage in Vapor and Liquid Nitrogen

Written on 2018-05-21
Cryogenics sounds like science fiction but it is a widely used way of supercooling materials...Read More