Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature Sensing Instruments

TempGenius temperature monitoring offers solutions for a wide range of environments.  We have engineered solutions for data logging refrigerators, Walk Ins, Warehouses, Rooms, Trucks, Ultra Cold Freezers, Cryogenic Freezers, Heat Blocks, Ovens, and Incubator applications across a range of industry applications.

Temperature Sensing Instruments

Among our instrument options, TempGenius employs the industry benchmark, Class A Platinum Element RTD Temperature Probe, that provide accurate readings across a broad range of temperatures.  TempGenius can spec. build custom probes for any application, temperature range or design parameter.

TempGenius’ “on the shelf” commercial refrigeration temperature monitoring systems include blood bag simulators, hermetically sealed probes, high temperature probes, cryogenic (cryo) liquid probes, surface temperature probes, refrigerator monitor, warming cabinet probes, ovens and many more. Again, TempGenius can spec build a probe to any tolerance and any specification required.

Calibration Options

TempGenius offers NIST and ISO 17025 Lab calibration for all sensor types. Our team has a number of options for  supporting your initial and ongoing calibrations and regulatory needs with realistic and cost effective solutions:

Sensor Replacement – User can simply plug in new sensor that includes documentation for calibration.
Self-Calibration – Our software and Customer Support make this an easy process.
Site Calibration – We send a technician to calibrate your equipment onsite.
Hybrid approach – Combination of the above sometimes works best.

Radio Options

We have WIRED options and a range of WIRELESS radio technology for every application including WIFI 2.4GHz and High Power 900MHz transmitters. Our wired sensor options can be used in conjunction with our Wireless Temperature Sensors.

Specification Sheet – Platinum RTD Wireless Temperature Sensor Options

Monitoring Support Services

The TempGenius Data platform incorporates a number of features that can be reviewed on our feature page here.

Our services range from turn key installation to staged systems ready to install.  Have a look at our monitoring support service options here.

Can I monitor a refrigerator, freezer or walk–in or ultra-low?

Yes, TempGenius products may be used as a commercial refrigeration temperature monitoring system. You can place a sensor inside refrigerators, freezers or walk–ins, reefer trailers, silos, clean-rooms, blanket warmers, etc. and most any other equipment. Ovens, dishwashers and ultra-low (ultra-cold) temperature freezers can be also be accommodated.

How many sensors will I need?

Usually one sensor per piece of hardware is required, however in larger devices or spaces, more than one sensor may be desirable. The number of sensors supported by TempGenius is unlimited. Multiple receivers and signal repeaters can accommodate coverage over very large areas, multiple floors and neighboring buildings.  The TempGenius team can arrive at conservative coverage with background on your space.

How much does it cost?

Have a look at our sample price sheets in the above pricing link.  A small installation with less than five sensors will cost about $2,000 while a larger one of about 20 sensors will cost about $5,000, depending on the number of sensors and repeaters required and the level of optional extended warranty coverage desired. Other options include installation, service, and remote access. Please provide us with your requirements and a layout of your facility (drawings or CAD files) and we can give you a very accurate cost estimate.

What is the TempGenius wireless temperature monitoring ROI?

A fully customized Return on Investment analysis is available. In general, ROI data indicates that the average payback through labor savings, consistency of data, regulatory compliance, energy savings, and loss prevention is 12 months or less depending upon the location. Manual Temperature logging is very costly, subject to “fill ins”, “catch ups” and oversight, and do not provide active notification when temperature problems arise. TempGenius eliminates the labor cost better utilized in productivity and revenue generating activities, improves accuracy and compliance with internal and regulatory requirements or audits, identifies inefficient equipment that uses more energy than necessary, and helps prevent the very costly loss of temperature compromised products.

How can you help me pay for the system?

TempGenius is easy to install and grow into. Starting with a basic system is affordable and sensors can be easily added over time. In addition, TempGenius rents and leases complete wireless monitoring systems.

Does TempGenius meet regulatory requirements?

TempGenius satisfies applicable HACCP, ISO, GMP, FDA, Joint Commission and FCC documentation and/or approval requirements. Regular logging is automated and every alert and corrective action is identified by date, time, equipment, location, and user name for accountability and validation. In addition, ISO, NIST and other standards calibration options are available.

Is TempGenius easy to install?

Yes! You can install the system on your own, or we can handle the whole implementation. Installation of smaller systems is relatively simple, while larger systems, such as commercial refrigeration temperature monitoring systems, require a bit more experience. Optional installation includes server set-up, positioning repeaters where required, optimal sensor placement, setting alerting thresholds, testing, and training.

Will TempGenius interfere with existing wireless systems?

No. TempGenius uses multiple frequency architecture (frequency hopping) to accommodate nearly any application interference-free. Existing wireless networks, wireless telecom systems, and other systems remain autonomous and secure using encrypted transmissions. Available platforms for wireless temperature monitoring include WIFI 802.11, 418 MHz, 900 MHz, 923 MHz and more.

Do I need a special or separate computer?

No. The program can be installed on any PC that you are now using for your other applications, and multiple users on your network can access the program from their computers as well. In addition, secure remote access is available for large multiple location and user profiles if required.

Is TempGenius available under GSA Contract?

Yes. TempGenius is available under GSA Contract…for more information please call 800-810-4000 or Contact your Local TempGenius Dealer.

For any of your requirement regarding Freezer Temperature Monitoring, Feel free to Contact TempGenius.