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September 28, 2020
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November 25, 2020
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The healthcare industry is known for having strict guidelines, especially regarding the control and management of healthcare products. And since healthcare organizations are vested with the role of manufacturing, transporting, and storage of various healthcare products such as vaccines, medicines, and many other things, they are required to create controlled environments with adequate conditions for better management.

Over the years, systems to ensure that all biological products do not lose their efficacy and potency have been discovered. In the last decade or so, real-time monitoring has gained momentum with various platforms for helping healthcare facilities measure and report changes in multiple parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air being developed. Today, wireless temperature monitoring systems have become the unsung heroes in the healthcare industry. These solutions help maintain the temperature at critical levels and provide a means for measuring parameters in real-time and alarming when temp deviations are detected.

Are There Guidelines for Temperature Monitoring?

Various state agencies have been given the mandate to ensure that healthcare organizations handle and store medications, vaccines, and other products in the rightful conditions. The agencies have come up with guidelines that have set precedence for all facilities that warehouse, market, handle, store, or display medications on how to maintain them in the rightful conditions.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is renowned for offering regulations and guidelines that help healthcare organizations create controlled environments for biological products from the moment they are manufactured to the transportation and storage phases. They also have policies on how data should be collected, recorded, and analyzed in the same line. Conversely, WHO (World Health Organization) boasts the HACCP, which are guidelines that guarantee the proper storage of vaccines. Since the efficacy and potency of medical products and vaccines depend on whether they have been put in the rightful conditions, monitoring has become vitally essential.

And considering that different products require distinct temperature ranges, healthcare workers can ensure that the recommended temperatures are maintained through monitoring. Traditionally, temperature monitoring was done manually using a thermometer, and the readings recorded on paper. Surprisingly, there are still facilities that still do the same in this era and age.

However, the development of wireless temperature monitoring systems came as a reprieve for various healthcare facilities. Empowered with real-time wireless temperature monitoring systems, pharmacies, hospitals, drug manufacturing companies, and other healthcare organizations can ensure that all biological products and vaccines retain their potency and are safe for human use.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Due to the risky nature of medical products, minimizing human interaction with products is encouraged. Wireless temperature monitoring systems provide a more improved approach to apply temperature measurement sensors with a central computer repository to help nurses and pharmacists collect, tabulate, and analyze data remotely. The wireless system eliminates the need to run multiple leads and optical cables over long distances.

The systems allow you to oversee data management all round the clock in the seven days of the week. Unlike manual monitoring, which involves using qualified personnel to collect, tabulate, and analyze data, remote monitoring solutions such as the one offered by TempGenius ensures that data is logged and analyzed and stored in an online repository where you can access from whenever you want.

Why Wireless Temperature Monitoring is Beneficial for Healthcare Systems

  1. Streamlined Monitoring
  2. Wireless temperature monitoring provides a seamless and reliable monitoring process. The remote monitoring systems work all around the clock, meaning that they can collect and analyze data even when you are sleeping.

  3. Makes it Easier to Adhere to Stringent Compliance Requirements
  4. Since the wireless system allows you to track key metrics in real-time and provide notifications, it helps you to detect out of range temperatures immediately and swing to take corrective action. Additionally, it collects and records data, thereby allowing you to have detailed reports required by the FDA.

  5. Saves Time
  6. You do not need staff to stay overnight carry out manual checks and records. The wireless temperature monitoring systems do this automatically, leaving your team to concentrate on high-value activities.

  7. Lowers Cost
  8. While the initial investment may be expensive, the long-term value of having a remote monitoring system cannot be compared to the cost of hiring, training, and renumerating personnel to conduct manual checks.

The Most Reliable Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution in the Market

If you are wondering where you can find the most reliable wireless temperature monitoring devices, look no further than TempGenius. Our state-of-the-art wireless temperature monitoring platform dubbed TempGenius provides you with high-end wireless systems and software applications. The systems can relay real-time logs, alerts, and monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, and differential pressure. We deliver top-quality wireless temp monitoring solutions that allow you to store products such as medicines and vaccines in carefully controlled environments, where real-time data is collected and recorded by automated devices. They also boast sensors to notify you when there is any deviation in humidity temperature or differential pressure.

Why TempGenius is the Best Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

  • Built to Meet the Highest Standards
  • The proprietary wireless temperature monitoring systems are built within the USA's borders, and they meet FDA, HACCP, Joint Commission (JC), CAP, ISO 17025, USDA, and CLIA requirements. It boasts top-notch data loggers that collect data in real-time and sensors that send an alarm if the Critical Control Points (CPP's) are out of compliance.

  • Automatic Wireless Temperature Monitoring
  • TempGenius platform utilizes integrated wired monitoring options and cellular, Wi-Fi, and proprietary wires monitoring technologies to facilitate data collection, tabulation, and analysis. These technologies help improve record-keeping and reporting, reducing storage losses, eliminating errors, and preserving quality.

  • Boasts Remote and/or Locally Maintained Server Based Platforms
  • Leveraging the vast wireless technologies mentioned earlier, TempGenius collects and saves data to our servers, enabling you to access any information you need from any PC within your network. Whether you run a hospital, pharmacy, crime lab, or any other healthcare facility, this remote temperature monitoring solution ensures that you can check the real-time conditions at your facility from any location as long as you’re connected to the internet.

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