Wireless Temperature Alerting

TempGenius continuously logs data in your operation and can associate operating parameters each sensor in any requested measuring units.  When the sensor detects an out of range condition, TempGenius can notify you of this condition with enterprise alerts including Phone Call, SMS, MMS, Text, Fax, Email, audible and visual alerts.

TempGenius alerts can be scheduled based on the hour of day and day of the week for each alert recipient and alert type.  There are no limits on the number of alerts that can be issued by TempGenius.

The TempGenius alerting system is fully validated and can be audited for verification's on alert delivery and alert acknowledgement. For example, the phone alerts will document messages left for the recipient, answered called, and answered calls with acknowledged alerts.

Please have a look at the wide range of TempGenius applications and contact us for a custom solutions to your project at 800-810-4000.