Wireless Temperature Monitoring News

TempGenius™ is a Wireless & Wired Monitoring System for Temperature, Differential Pressure, Cryogenic, and Humidity applications — providing real time Logging, Alerting, and Monitoring for Cost Saving results.

TempGenius™ wireless monitoring systems are built to the highest standards in the USA to meet Joint Commission (JC), FDA, ISO, CAP, and USDA requirements. TempGenius fills out temperature logs, and provides enterprise temperature alarms, 24 hours a day, when critical control points (CCP’s) are compliance.

TempGenius™ reduces costs associated with Enterprise temperature logging while eliminating errors, reducing storage loss, preserving quality, and improving energy efficiency. This is achieved with advanced wireless monitoring technology utilizing WIFI and other wireless and wired monitoring technologies.

TempGenius™ wireless temperature monitors, humidity monitors, power monitors, Negative & Positive pressure monitors, Ultra Cold Freezer monitors, water leak monitors, doors status notifications are used in Hospital, Restaurant, Warehouse, Food Manufacturer, Dairy, Convenience Store, Supermarket, Crime lab, Pharmacy, and Museum applications internationally.

TempGenius has expertise in Wireless Temperature Monitoring Produces and Software Applications