Wireless Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

TempGenius offers packages developed to meet the CDC temperature monitoring standards with a NIST calibrated 4 Wire RTD probe in a Glycol Solution. Our automated monthly reports and corrective actions allow for paperless documentation of your storage conditions.

TempGenius not only keeps you in compliance but it also actively notifies your staff of conditions that could damage the Vaccine.

Our wireless sensor monitoring technology makes installing and supporting a system with industrial reliability simple and easy.

As you may know, temperature fluctuations can render your Vaccine inactive.  TempGenius continuously takes temperatures 24 hours a day, providing a full picture of storage conditions 7 days a week.  There is no collecting or downloading of data loggers.  No software that must be kept running.  Everything is automated!

Click here for the CDC Vaccine monitoring guide.

TempGenius currently supports Hospitals, State Government, Federal government, Clinics, Preventative Medicine Practitioners, Researchers, and more with vaccine monitoring.  And we want to support you.  Please contact us at 800-810-4000 for a custom quote.